For the people behind the scenes. 

It is our desire to provide a platform for producers, creatives, experiential agencies, and brands to rely on for historic industry news, trends, education, services, and resources related to their industries.  

Our Production Department News channel consists of writers worldwide that seek and provide valuable information that cover the inside and behind the scenes stories of our industry. 

After School Programming is Production Department's online educational program that offers courses built from excessive research, industry leaders, and hands-on experience.

Production Department has a unique hiring process and database of the best producers and project managers worldwide known as our Producer Database. Production Department is a resource for your external production needs, in-market producer placement, and overall team player additions.

Production Department provides agencies, brands, and high profile clients production services and solutions. We are your reliable Production Department when you need it. International clients can depend on us as a US&C production partner, freelance/external production support, or as a preferred production partner for their in house teams. 


The Super Producers are a unique team of creative producers that create custom experiences for brands, agencies, and high-profile clients nationwide. Some experiences include museum-level pop-ups, stage design, creative campaigns, pitch work, and intimate to large scale events.