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For the people behind the scenes. 

It is our desire to provide a platform for producers, creatives, experiential agencies, and brands to rely on for relevant industry news, education, creative + production services, and resources related to their industries.  

Industry News is a blog of writers worldwide that seek and provide valuable information that cover stories from inside and behind the scenes of our industry. 

Education is an essential tool to the growth of this industry. Production Department provides online courses at a fraction of the price of most institutional courses & are built from excessive research, and industry leaders. After School Programming is an in-person panel series created by Production Department to offer in-person experience with industry professionals.


Super is our in-house team of creative producers that brand, create, and build custom experiences for brands, agencies, and high-profile clients nationwide. These experiences include museum-level exhibits, stage design, creative campaigns, pitch concepts, and robust events.

Production Department provides agencies, brands, and high profile clients with production services and solutions. The team can be utilized as a specialized force, or as a white labeled production partner for your in-house teams.

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