After School Programming is an educational resource started by The Super Producers in 2019. This program provides aspiring and thriving event, experiential, and creative producers to go above and beyond their current skillset by learning more about their craft with industry professionals. 
Custom courses that will help you to become a pro-producer in your industry are coming in 2020-2021. 



In a time where events, experiences, and social interaction feels out of reach, we are here to assure you that creative gatherings will persevere. We have partnered with Rowboat Creative and the Creatives Who Care initiative to self-fund a micro-grant that will take place between 2020-2021, which will further The Super Producers' mission to inspire and educate young producers. 


We believe that there is no other experience as valuable as a live experience. Our "LIVE EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING" t-shirt campaign stimulates resistance to a virtual-only event world, and creates a call to action to support and maintain the art of live experience.

Proceeds will go toward a micro-grant for aspiring producers and cultural curators. Producers will be able to apply for this grant that has potential to support a future intimate gathering or creative experience.
















Rowboat Creative, a Chicago-based custom branded merchandise manufacturer whom produces merch for some of the world’s largest musicians, creatives, and designers such as Joe Freshgoods, McDonald’s, Chance The Rapper, Live Nation, Nike, etc., has launched an initiative titled “Creatives Who Care."

The Creatives Who Care Initiative not only helps keep Rowboat Creative staff employed during these uncertain times, but also reacts quickly and compassionately towards those in the creative industry, service industry, music industry, and many other business entities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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